SPT SD-9239SS Portable Dishwasher

Slim Profile Design With Easy Roll Casters And Quick Hookup

SPT SD-9239SS Portable Dishwasher

If you don't have room for a standard dishwasher the SPT SD-9239SS portable can slide into tight spaces and easily connect to just about any faucet in seconds. The interior tub is stainless steel, the top rack is adjustable and there is even an 'All-In-One' wash cycle.

Unlike most standard 24 inch dishwashers the SPT SD-9239SS has a width of slightly less than 18 inches - a full 6 inches slimmer than normal. This makes it well suited for cramped apartments and small efficiency kitchens. You can also skip the complicated hookup that usually comes with a built-in dishwasher. Using the included faucet adapter it connects in a snap. No special tools or skills needed.

The SPT SD-9239SS comes with a lower and upper rack together with upper and lower spray arms. The top rack has a cup shelf and the silverware basket fits in the lower rack. You can raise and lower the upper rack as needed. Just slide out and align the opposing set of wheels into the guide rail.

The front control panel is well laid out and lets you select from one of six wash cycles - 'Heavy', 'Normal', 'Light', Rinse' 'Speed' and 'All-in-One' (see below). On the left side there is a LED display that shows the remaining run time plus a delay button to schedule a later start time. The remaining buttons are power and start/pause. There is also a low rinse aid warning light.


As a portable dishwasher the SPT SD-9239SS skips the usual permanent installation and instead uses a simple quick connect valve that attaches to your kitchen faucet with the supplied adapter.

The hose lines and quick connect attachment come fully assembled. Installation consists of attaching the faucet adapter to your faucet and then snapping the quick connect to the adapter nozzle. Strangely, there are no details of this in the user manual.

The base has four built-in roller casters so you easily move the machine to where it is needed. The water lines are about 5 feet long, but only about 2-3 feet are actually useable. Make sure you can position the dishwasher close to the sink otherwise you will need hose extensions.

When not in use both the hose lines and power cord conveniently store in a compartment in the back of the machine out of the way.


Despite its diminutive size the SPT SD-9239SS had no problem with tough grease and heavily soiled plates and bowls. It can handle eight place settings fully loaded, but it takes some trial and error to get everything positioned correctly. Six or seven settings is probably more practical.

To use the all-in-one wash cycle you need special 'all-in-one' tablets in place of the normal dishwasher detergent. You will also need the small 'all-in-one' basket that comes with the machine. Hook the basket underneath and off to one side of the upper rack. Check that the upper spray arm can rotate freely and does not hit the basket. Load the basket with one detergent tablet then select the 'All-In-One' wash cycle from the front control panel. Keep in mind this wash cycle will run for a little over 2 hours.

With a noise level rating of 55dBa the SPT SD-9239SS is reasonably quiet with the loudest period confined to the main wash cycle. Under normal use it should not disturb your TV viewing or phone conversations noticeably.

The SPT SD-9239SS may be short on name recognition but that doesn't stop it from trying hard to impress you with main stream features and wallet friendly pricing. Its practical design and no-nonsense performance might win you over despite a few minor shortcomings.


  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • 6 Wash Cycles including All-In-One
  • 8 Place Setting Capacity
  • Adjustable Upper Basket
  • Heated Drying
  • Delayed Start
  • 55dBa Noise Level
  • Simple Hookup
  • Casters For Easy Portability
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Dimensions: 17.72"W x 25.98"D x 36.02"H

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